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Where has 2018 gone?
It is hard for me to believe that this year is almost behind us and 2019 fast approaches! What happened? Where did spring,summer and fall go?
One moment I am painting in my warm art studio with my furry muse, pictured here admiring his "selfie".

...and then this year seemed to whiz by me at super sonic speed!
It has been a  busy & creative year!  Jam packed with exhibitions, art classes,workshops, demonstrations.

I started this year with a solo exhibit at the prestigious Dodson's jewelry & art gallery in Spokane, WA. The opening reception was a joy filled evening culminating after 6 months of  work creating 22 new paintings just for this exhibit. In all of the mixed media paintings, I used my favorite Fearless Techniques of pouring watercolors and finishing with fluid acrylics and collage.

The first pours leave me with an array of many wonderful blended hues.

My second pour begins the process of creating a range of dark values.

As you can see,…

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