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I'ld rather be painting!

Do the words "I'ld rather be painting" resonate with you? 
They do for me and that is because my work as an artist and an instructor are fueled by my desire to be creative. What about you? Do you continuously feel conflicted by say doing the laundry or mowing the lawn versus laying down a colorful wash of paints onto a canvas or paper?  Of course! Every artist, sailor, golfer, rider has something that...  "I'ld rather be________".(Go ahead fill in the blank)I am an artist, I use my eyes, hands and heart, but sometimes reality steps in and I must remember that being an artist is not just spending time creating. Even though every waking moment, I would rather be painting, there are times when I must (sigh) put my artist's apron down in favor of taking care of business.
As a professional artist, I am also a small business owner; consequently, Monday - Friday I am a CEO of  creativity with artwork and classes to bring to market. Therefore, as this is a work…

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