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Inspiration,the Fearless way!

Fearless Artist News  It's March and spring is around the corner. The snow is still piled up in every corner of my yard. I can watch the resident moose trimming the thule evergreens from my kitchen as I bake cookies. The evening temperatures are cold enough that my cat refuses to come out from under the covers!          During this time of year, I enjoy spending time in my studio exercising my paint brush as I watch the snow fall. But this year has been different. This year, life interrupted the ebb and flow of my creative energy. Like many artists, my life, my attitude and creativity are intertwined. I live to be creative and inspire others.
      Thankfully, nothing was serious and a variety of medical staff helped me to heal by facilitating the use of my creative energy through therapy! There was physical therapy to keep my hand flexible and personal "Fearless" therapy exercises that I developed to keep my mind occupied, while I convalesce.
       Mind you, I am not …

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