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Becoming a Fearless Artist

How do you connect with your inner artist? Have you found that finding your inner creative spirit can be a challenge, many people do? There is so much to learn about becoming a Fearless Artist.     For me the best part of being an artist is being on a path of continual learning. I enjoy challenging myself, taking and instructing classes is one way I keep myself inspired.  There is nothing more exciting to me, then learning a new technique and sharing my methods. Reality is whether I am a student or teacher there is always something new for me to learn from and with the people I work with. 
This blog is dedicated to my students and their work. Today, I write about the methods I use to help others find inspiration and what I learn from the people I work with.      Shall we take a journey? I invite you to follow my lead and pursue a quest for knowledge so that your inner creative spirit can shine colorfully,also.  Read on to see what happens when someone signs up for one of my classes.

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