Meet the Fearless Painter...

"Caught in the act" - self portrait of the artist. 
22 x 30 poured watercolor,acrylics and collage on paper.

     My Name is Elise and I wear many hats. I am a professional artist and arts advocate. Over the years I have developed a series of water media techniques that are considered unusual, perhaps that is why I have earned the nick name: the Fearless Artist. Beginning today I don a new hat, a colorful beret with a Fearless feather pen .
     I have learned that a “blog” is an opportunity in the making.   A “blog” is supposed to be something special.  The modern equivalent of a personal “soap box” where I get to shout at the top of my voice and share with the world, all the Fearless News that is fit to print.
     If you, who are reading these words, are bitten by the art bug, then please stop back every week. As a Fearless Artist and now Fearless blogger my goal is to post something new about my art: 

"Imagination at work" © 2011 22 x 30 poured watercolors and acrylics on paper.

fearless pouring techniques:

The artist pouring a painting.

activities and creative philosophies  to catch your interest regularly:

Art philosophy number 1: "Carpe Paintum" - Seize the paint and be Fearless!

      My goal is to make this site user friendly, a place where artists, students and patrons of the arts can find photos of my newest art, Fearless class information:

A Fearless Painting Class for beginners at Whatcom Community College, WA.

 and yes, if you post a comment or question about painting I will even try to answer your questions.

     In the mean-time and until I finish sanding and varnishing my soap box, I invite you to visit the other sites that this Fearless spider has spun. Look to the left for the “Where to find the Fearless Artist” box. You will find links there or you may click here to go to my web site, find current events on myFacebook page, even an Etsy Store where you can purchase original paintings and affordable prints. 
     I hope that you will enjoy these numerous pages that in one way or another are designed to catch your attention and draw you into my web.
See you next week... and Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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