Baby, It's cold outside....

    Winter has arrived. A fierce winter storm is predicted for the region. Not to worry the Fearless Artist is prepared. You will find me in a warm studio with paintings on the easel waiting for completion. I have new ideas simmering, like tea in a kettle on the back burner.
    Winter can be a challenge. But, there is also a beauty to the season when a quilt of snow lays down over the landscape. I find the colors of a snowy day inspiring. This painting was influenced by the view off my porch in Washington State. I enjoyed making the snow fall by splattering paint and dropping bits of lace paper onto the canvas surface. 
     This work is a mixed media using acrylics with collage on a 16" x 20" canvas and includes a maple frame.  
            Do you know someone that loves the beauty of snow falling, a friend or family member who enjoys the quiet tranquil hush of a winter day? This painting would be a perfect gift for your special snow bunny. Purchase it from my web site and receive FREE shipping on your order of this original work of art.

     This weekend as old man winter blows across the country I will be working on a new collection of paintings. My series is influenced by my desire to "honor the past". Next week I will publish a picture of my first painting(s) from this series. Please come back to see what a snowy weekend does for the Fearless artist. 
      In the mean time, Stay warm my friends.


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