What happens when an American Gothic becomes Time Transfixed?

    There is a long list of artists whose paintings or techniques set 

my mind and heart on fire.   Some great artists stimulate my

imagination so much that I have used their images as a starting 

point in my own creativity. This seems to happen a lot during the 

holiday season.

    Case in point is Rene Magritte* (1898-1967) a Belgian artist who is recognized for his surrealism.  Magritte is an artist whose works is a fountain of inspiration.

"Time Transfixed" - Rene Magritte 1938 - oil on canvas.

     Then there is Grant Wood** (1891-1942). An artist best known for creating iconic images about the American Midwest.

"American Gothic" - Grant Wood 1930 oil on Beaverboard.

     Who would have thought that one of the great surreal artists and an amazing painter of rural America could be united, perish the thought, in digital matrimony?  I have found surrealism to be a perfect setting for an artist, like me, with a sense of illogical holiday wit. 
     Thus was born a card in 2006 to honor my appreciation of two artists whose works together create an unexpected juxtaposition of subject which seemed like a suitable backdrop for my holiday card. See below how I have tweaked Magritte and Wood’s fabulous paintings “Time Transfixed”  & “American Gothic” to become a unique “family” affair. 

"Holidays Transfixed" © 2006 Beattie Artworks

   Combining art genres while working with a program like Adobe Photoshop is a fun form of creativity. Have you ever tried creating art with photoshop? 

* learn more about Rene Magritte on line at http://www.wikipaintings.org/en/rene-magritte
**as well as read more about the life and work of Grant Wood at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grant_Wood


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