Yes, I believe in the Fearless elf, do you?

     I love December. It is the season of lights, of giving and sharing. The holidays, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa say Noel or sing "Mele Kalkimaka is the thing to do..." it is the time of year that makes me smile.

     Like Virginia in the editorial posted in the New York Sun of 1897, I believe in Santa, the North Pole and of course the workshop! 


Yes hidden under my curls are pointy ears and an elfish smile. Tis time for this little elf to get to work. Time to exercise my pen and imagination. 

     Every year I create a new holiday card for my family and friends. I am not going to sleep through the fun of the season without creating my version of Fearless Cheer.


     I hope that you will enjoy these images from Christmases past.
Please check back every Wednesday. I will be posting a different card from my collection, each designed by the Fearless Artist for you to enjoy through December.

Don't forget be sure to stop by my website and let this Fearless elf help you find the perfect gift of original art, prints or books for under your tree or in your stocking. 


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