Where do great ideas come from?

    My work is inspired by the world, I live in. 

The designs for my paintings come from marrying imagination to inspiration.

Photography is as much a part of my creative process as using paint. 

For 40+ years I have gotten up in the morning and slung a camera on my shoulder. Click goes the shutter as I walk.The sun setting,  the water crashing on the shore, flower petals glistening with dew; all are ingredients of the recipe I call art. 
"Peace Roses" from Cornwall Rose Garden - Bellingham, Washington

Shore line of Gloucester, Massachusetts

     An example of this process comes from when I had the opportunity to see the National Symphony perform. It was paradise for me to watch and listen to the splendor of this garden of musical delight. My imagination was stirred by the orchestra. As I sat in the loge, a new idea bloomed. I pulled out my pocket camera; click and the image, before my eyes, was captured. 
The National Symphony 

Now on my studio easel sits the results of this motivating evening. A night where my emotions and imagination simmered united inspiring me to create once again.  Now you know where great ideas come from.

"View from the loge" 30" x 22" poured water colors & acrylics on paper © 2014 Elise Beattie


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