Follow me to my art studio....and help me Kickstart my Fearless Inspiration.

     It is a cloudy Wednesday afternoon, I sit at my computer day dreaming about the new art supplies sitting on my drafting table; waiting patiently for my inspiration to kick into action.
      In less than 3 months  these painting supplies will have transformed themselves into numerous paintings for my solo show at the North Tahoe Arts Center in California .These acrylics and watercolors will also be travelling out west so that they and my Inspirational Techniques can inspire new artists, who are ready to learn how to  have fun painting The Fearless Way! 

"Double Ended Delight"16 x 20 acrylics on gallery wrap canvas
           As I organize this out of state exhibition and  workshops; I gratefully think about how this event allows me to share my work and knowledge in a part of the country that I have not been to before. I also must evaluate, like any person in business, the reality that every project has out of pocket expenses. 

"Sea Breeze" 20" x 24" acrylics on canvas in cherry wood frame

     It is my responsibility, since art centers do not provide any funding assistance, to cover all of the out of pockets costs for the frames, shipping & travelling expenses for my work including the art supplies that I will be using and sharing in my workshops. 

     For this reason, I have turned to the Kickstarter project site for assistance in managing the out of pocket expenditures of my upcoming show and workshops. You may be asking yourself right now.....

"What is KickStarter"?

     The Kickstarter web site is a fund raising program that was started to help creative people, like myself, achieve their artistic or business goals.
       In each accepted Kickstarter project; the creator must have a  defined funding goal. My project needs your help to fund $2,000.00 for my out of pocket expenses. In exchange for your generosity, I am giving a series of rewards. 

  .For a small pledge of support you can receive one of these signed giclee prints that I make myself:
    If you travel to my Kickstarter "Opportunity Knocks for art workshop and a show" project you will see  dozens of prizes that you can reward yourself with.  Depending upon your support, there are small rewards and large presents such as this premier work of art.

"Spring into Action" mixed media with acrylics on a 30 x 40 gallery wrap canvas.

But time is running out! 
My project will only be funded if at least $2,000 is pledged by Friday, March 28,2014 that means there are only 7 more days and I need your help!

     So please, click on this link A Fearless Opportunity Knocks for art workshop and solo show for more information and pledging support to my art funding project.

    Don't forget in exchange for your assistance I will send you an art present created with love and your patronage of my work will be very much appreciated!     Thank you.
"Inspiration at Work" 22 x 30 poured watercolor & acrylics on paper.

     For more information about putting your imagination to work either at my "Fearless Collage for Landscape and Floral Painting" to be held at the
North Tahoe Arts Center - June 14 & 15,2014 click here for my art classes web-page : Collage art class at North Tahoe Arts Ctr.


to learn about my 
 unique water media workshop  "Inspirational Technique for Fearless Painting"  at the Nevada Fine Arts in Reno, Nevada June 19 -21,2014 

Click here for my art web site/classes page : Mixed water media workshop


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