How to solve your BIGGEST painting Problems with Fearless Art Techniques.

Do you to paint? 

Are you happy with what comes out of your day in your studio? 
Are you ready to challenge yourself.....?

If you ask these questions, then perhaps you need to learn how to look at your work with a fresh eye and try some new techniques! 
 Are you interested in learning how to have fun?
Are you ready to "Live life to the fullest"?

 Have you ever painted without a brush?  

Learn how you can solve your biggest painting problems.

I teach a series of water media workshops that are designed to help my students learn how to paint with fresh techniques that will spark your imagination.....
Learn how to pour a  painting.
Learn how collage can cure what ails your work.
Learn how to paint with tools from every corner of your home and studio.
Do you want the opportunity to learn how to become a FEARLESS painter?
June 14 & 15 at the North Tahoe Arts Center in Tahoe City, CA.
June 19,20 & 21 at the Nevada Fine Arts Store in Reno, NV.
Nevada Fine Arts Art Classes Inspirational mixed water media workshop

Free your inner artist!

Read what one artist had to say about her adventure in freeing herself the Fearless Way: 
" Taking a Inspirational techniques for Fearless Painting class with Elise was a turning point in my art making.  Up to then I had a lot of “rules” in my brain as I worked, which was very limiting and not very fun. 
   Elise's enthusiastic and gentle teaching manner was so encouraging and supportive, reminding me that I was the one making the choices not some voice of an art professor from a distant past. 

   I also learned how to play with all the fun tools in my studio, not to mention the kitchen and garage; and having them all out at once was not only okay but good for me and my art. 

   Working with Elise Beattie has helped me to let go and bring the joy back into the process and the finished piece. You are indeed fortunate if you become her student." 

Loretta West -

 Be Fearless, be creative and have fun when you take an Inspirational Painting Class!
For more information click here : Beattie's art class information


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