Where do you look for inspiration?

I hunt for inspiration wherever I travel. Last week, I hunted in Chicago.

36 hours were spent in search of the elusive wild subject matter. I hunted high and low. I snapped photos of skylines....

 I captured images of things indigenous to the urban jungle. 

I took a walk in the park with my friend Seurat.

And as I jumped away from dangerous, stampeding bicyclists intent upon running me over, I caught their fleeting images for painterly posterity!

I walked with the intention that somewhere , some how I would find the next great idea for a future painting.  

Finally exhausted from a full day's adventure I found myself bowing before the great museums of Chicago where I, like many others found my treasure.

Yes for me,inspirational sustenance for my starving imagination came from looking to the past, 

so that I may honor the future with my form of creativity.
Please come back and visit me here at my blog in the near future...
Just imagine what new art I am going to create from this inspiring trip to Chicago, Illinois.

....In the mean time and until we meet again, I think I'll go paint!


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