Where in the world is the Fearless Artist?

Do you ever ask yourself where has this year gone?

2014 has been an exciting adventured filled experience for the Fearless Artist. Perhaps it is because I have the heart of a gypsy,but I have always enjoyed travelling. 
"Ask me do I want to go...."  
and my answer will be without a doubt  

Where shall we go today?

In my May blog I shared with you my adventures down the Magnificent Mile of Chicago. A city where I successfully found a steady diet of art museums.
 The Art Institute of Chicago was heaven!

In June you would have found me heading on a jet plane to Lake Tahoe for my solo show.

The artist on opening night.

....Then there was my Fearless Painting for collage workshop, where a wonderful group of artist's from the Reno, Nevada and the California area gathered together to learn how to Fearlessly paint with collage.

If it is July then up, up and away I go .......

34 hours of flying , numerous airports and  finally my husband and I arrived tired, but happy for the start of our vacation in a paradise known as Madeira.

Where is Madeira you ask?

Madeira, Portugal is a archipelago  known as the "garden island of the Atlantic". This gem  is located @ 600 miles south and west from the mainland of Portugal and 250 miles north of the Canary Islands.
The capital city is Funchal a fun filled city of incredible gardens,art and history that spans over 5 centuries. During the month of July, we  explored the entire island from north to south, east and west.
What an adventure! 
Inspiration was everywhere for an artist like me with a  camera & backpack full of art supplies.
The view of the town of Seixal on the North shore of Madeira Island where I was sketching from the cafe shown above.

Following are a few photos that in the coming months you will have the opportunity to watch me develop into paintings.

I look forward to creating this new art inspired by the 500+ photos I took while navigating one of the most beautiful places in the world;I have ever had the pleasure to travel to!  

(left) One of the beautiful 18th Century           Funchal  municipal buildings with a 16th century water fountain in front. 

Funchal's city streets are all tiled in beautiful patterns.

 Monte Palace Gardens was built as a palace, 
this incredible 
 structure is now a public gardens 
 and a Unesco World Heritage Site.

 Monte Palace Gardens is filled with a vast array of koi stocked ponds, flowers and sculptures.     


Then there was the Funchal Farmer's Market ..

And the beautiful harbor.
  Ideas just waiting for me to paint!

No doubt traveling to Madeira was a trip of a lifetime.

Who was it who said "I'll be back"?    


Obrigada por visitar - me 
(Thank you for visiting me)
Por Favor, volte novamente 
(Please come back again)

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