Learn how YOU can paint the Fearless Way!

Are you a visual person? Do you prefer watching over reading? 

.....then Beattie Artworks has something new for you to enjoy!

 I have donned the hat of a videographer 
and put together a new video; to share with the world my methods and tools in painting with watercolors and acrylics.

Yes, It's a wrap! 
Aren't those the words used by Hollywood when a new film is finished? 

Are you interested in learning how YOU  can paint the Fearless way?

 In my new water color and acrylic painting video you can watch & learn how to to paint the Fearless way! 
Enjoy seeing how I use my poured watercolors techniques. 
Watch as I share with you, my methods for painting with acrylics as well as  check out the innovative tools that you never thought you could create a painting with.
This short art tutorial will share with you some of this artist's favorite secrets for painting a harbor scene on canvas.

Come enjoy and paint  this Gloucester, MA. harbor scene with me at: 

.........Then ask questions or post a comment on  my Elise Beattie Artworks Page at Facebook .

Until next time Happy Painting! 

Don't forget to visit my web site there is always something new to be found for sale in my art shop for your holiday gifts!


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