I love to paint flowers!

Would you like to learn about how I created a new flower painting?

My story began this summer. In July I had an opportunity to visit the Monte Palace Gardens on the island of Madeira, Portugal. 

Monte Palace is classified as a  UNESCO natural world heritage site. I have had the pleasure of visiting many different gardens around the world, but with out a doubt Monte Palace Gardens is one of the most spectacular gardens I have ever visited. If you are interested in learning more about this special place and it's location here is a link to the history of the estate

While at the gardens, I must have snapped 200 photos as I meandered the beautiful paths! Now as I stay warm in my studio these pictures are inspiration for my paintings. 

A photo of angel trumpet flowers caught my interest, so I decided to begin a large canvas inspired by these colorful flowers draping the hillside gardens.
The colors, shapes and values of this particular fauna looked like they would be fun to work with using my poured watercolors & acrylics methods. As usual I begin my artwork with a detailed drawing.
...followed by several pours of transparent watercolors.

Did you know that whether you choose to pour your paint or approach your painting surface using traditional wet into wet water color techniques, the goal of this initial step is to freely spread a transparent wash of color over the entire surface.

On all of my paintings, I pour three or four times. Subsequent washes or pours of color build up my early values from light to dark during the painting process. With each layer of paint my art begins to take shape.

Would you like to see more photos of how this project developed into my finished painting?
Recently I put together a video about the painting process of this particular painting. 

Here is a video of the entire painting process done for my painting "Palace trumpets".

If this video does not work on your system Here is a link to my YouTube video page -Click here to watch this video of the entire painting process .

Until next time.... what ever you choose to paint remember my motto : 

Paint Fearlessly & Enjoy! 

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