What is your favorite subject to paint?

Is painting your passion? Do you paint what you love?

      For me painting & teaching the art  of watercolors and acrylics is what I love to do! I am a prolific painter and generally produce a large assortment of watercolors, acrylics and mixed media works on paper and canvas per year. 
      I have favorite subjects that I repeatedly enjoy working with over and over. So much so, I now have created  collections of artworks that have been influenced by specific themes. I love watching dancers and musicians create their magic!

       Movement and sound, I never get tired of. Over the years I have created quite a large portfolio of paintings influenced by the creativity of others. I am passionate about the art of dance. I love watching and listening to musicians, whether they play on the street or in symphonies in grand halls. Other artists have all inspired my imagination. 
       Recently I have put together a collection of artworks in a video format with music by my friend the talented Danny Granstaff. I hope you will  enjoy this movie short that I call " Art Inspires Art".

Not able to get this video to operate correctly, here is a link to my YouTube Video

What do you enjoy painting?

Are painting a still life or landscape the subject of choice?

"Playing the Blues" a poured watercolor & acrylic painting of my nephew.   Do you prefer to create paintings or drawings of your friends or family?

What about animals, do your pets or wild life get your creative juices flowing?
"Standing Tall" - a mixed media painting of my dog "Big Dawg, Bella Blue"
My companion Bella was one of my favorite models. Each and every year that she lived I enjoyed doing at least one painting of her.

My advice to other artists is to.....
always look around "you" for inspiration.

It is true painting what you are passionate about makes the whole creative process a more enjoyable activity.

So now go.................................................................................... 
Grab your pencils or brushes find something that inspires YOU and 
Be creative, Be Fearless!

To learn more about the Fearless Artist, Elise Beattie visit her web site.

Check out her other art videos on YouTube

Listen & watch more videos showcasing the music of Danny Granstaff on YouTube.

Don't forget, I sell prints of all of my art in my ETSY Store


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