Fearless Art News- What's new for 2018.

Time for a little news from you know who: The Fearless Artist!

Greetings my friends and Happy New Years to you, all!

As you know my style of painting and inspirational techniques begins with an adventurous pouring process that allows me the ultimate freedom to mingle hues and washes with passion and imagination resulting in what I call fearless painting. This year I have jumped into my studio, heading full speed ahead pouring with unabashed creativity!

                    Here I am pouring a new iris painting for my solo show.                      What solo show, you ask? 

Why the one that opens February 2,2018 at Dodson's Jewelers of Spokane, WA!

23 of my paintings will be on display at Dodson's through the month of February. Like this iris painting that you see me working on in the photo above.

"PRETTY AND PINK" 36 X 36 acrylics on gallery wrap canvas.
 If you are in the Spokane area I invite you to stop by this beautiful gallery and check out my latest artwork. Like this landscape painting inspired by Manito Park of Spokane. 
"Perenial Park" 24 x 29 mixed media with watercolors, acrylics , collage on a canvas
By choice I create work designed to uplift the spirit. Mine is the work inspired by the serenity and beauty of the world I hold dear to my heart. My art is influenced by my imagination and love of photography.  My emotions, when mixed with inspiration and paint cause a fusion of representation and abstraction.  Some times I enjoy painting flowers and landscapes but someday's I just have to paint with what I call "My mind's eye" and create an abstract like this one which will be in my solo exhibition......

"REACHING FOR THE WIND"  poured watercolors and acrylics on 22 x 30 paper

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint with acrylics or watercolors? 

I can teach you how to enjoy being creative. All you need to do is sign up for one of my Fearless art classes.

Did you know that I have many different art classes?
Some are evening classes like the ones at Spokane Community College .

5:30 - 7: 30 -Wednesdays February 28 - March 14,2018
ARTDE 476   $75 Call  509-279-6030 to enroll
This class is perfect for any water media artist ( working with watercolors or acrylics) who have already taken a beginners painting class and are comfortable with their techniques and chosen mediums, but want to experience additional creative instruction regarding their art form. If you are looking to add to your art knowledge, desire to improve your techniques or just have fun painting with support from an instructor this “open studio” will be an enjoyable class to sign up for!

...And some of my workshops are held on weekends like my 1,2 and 3 day workshops like these at Spokane Art Supply. 

There is a class for everyone, all you need to do is sign up! 
That's right just do it. 
Go right now to my web site and you can purchase the class that interests you the most, then get set for some Fearless fun & creativity!

Well I had better get back to my studio ....

Thank you for visiting my blog, until next time, I wish you a happy and creative 2018.


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