Becoming a Fearless Artist

How do you connect with your inner artist?

Have you found that finding your inner creative spirit can be a challenge, many people do? There is so much to learn about becoming a Fearless Artist.
    For me the best part of being an artist is being on a path of continual learning.  I enjoy challenging myself, taking and instructing classes is one way I keep myself inspired.  There is nothing more exciting to me, then learning a new technique and sharing my methods. Reality is whether I am a student or teacher there is always something new for me to learn from and with the people I work with. 

This blog is dedicated to my students and their work. 

Today, I write about the methods I use to help others find inspiration and what I learn from the people I work with.

      Shall we take a journey? I invite you to follow my lead and pursue a quest for knowledge so that your inner creative spirit can shine colorfully,also.  Read on to see what happens when someone signs up for one of my classes.

      As many of my readers know, I teach a series of classes known as "Fearless Painting". My goal, as an artist & instructor, is to demystify the art of painting with watercolors, acrylics and even paper collage.  I try to open a creative door for each of my students to travel through. Encouraging them to take a leap into being experimental with medium and method. I look to inspire my students to ask the all important question  " What if I try....?"** Most important I look to share my knowledge about painting so that my students can have fun with the creative work that they are doing!!
"Fearless Painting for Acrylics" @ Spokane Community College 2018

      My students come from all walks of life. Some are beginners and others proficient with using water-media. Over the years, I have found great enjoyment from teaching, sharing ideas and  being inspired by  other's creativity.
       During the last 6 weeks, I have had the pleasure of working with 15 students who signed up for my Fearless Painting for Acrylics at Spokane Community College. This was an especially wonderful group to have an opportunity to share knowledge with.
       Our class began with a slow stroll through a garden of demos and practice sessions designed to assist,my students, with different aspects of creating a work of art. As a group, we experimented with mixing colors. We studied how to communicate artistically using words like hue, value and composition. We painted landscapes, flowers and tried out creating an abstract.
    I like to inspire my students and share with them my love of art history. Every week we met, we discussed a style or subject as it was painted by one master or another.  We checked out  the paintings of Cezzane.
Montagne Sainte Victoire by Paul Cezzane
We studied the brush strokes and color choices of George Seurat.
"A Sunday on la grande jatte" by Georges Seurat

Our conversations were as inspiring as the paintings themselves. As we looked, 
we learned how to craft our own visions and how to make our own painterly choices.
Spokane Community College - Fearless Painting for acrylics class.
Being fearless with acrylics!

After 6 weeks of working together, I am proud to write that there are 15 more painters who are now ready to leap into their puddles of paint and brush up a storm in any way or fashion that they choose. 

Artists who,now, have the painterly skills to create acrylic paintings that speak of who they are. Each of my student now has the skills to make personal choices about the hues, style and subject matter that they want to use. 

 I am proud of my students, my newly minted fearless friends! My gift to them was knowledge and advancement of their skills, their gift to me was inspiration. 

The creative bug has bitten for these talented painters, whether they choose to create landscapes or abstracts the world of paint is now theirs! 
Give Fearless Painting a try and have some fun!
 These lucky artists chose to sign up for an opportunity to inspire and challenge themselves; thereby, finding their inner creative spirit.

Are you ready to find your inner creative spirit
Feel free to contact me if you want to become a Fearless Artist, also!

     Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope to see you in one of my future art classes, so that I can help you get in touch with your creative side.
Sincerely yours,
Elise Beattie

** To read an earlier blog about about my "What if I try...." concept and how I use it with my own artwork please click on this link.

Please go to my web site art classes page  to keep up with the latest information about the art classes that I am teaching.
This is the flyer for my upcoming Inspirational techniques for fearless painting mixed media workshop at Spokane Art Supply June 1 -3,2018
This informational flyer is about my June 2018 evening painting classes at
Spokane Community College

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